Tap Into the Healing Properties of Water

We often hear the phrase that “water is life” or “without water, there’s no life”. According to Sandra Ingerman, a marriage and family counselor, teacher, and author of Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins (Three Rivers Press; 2001), there is no life without water. She

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Water for Food Project : Research and Investigation

Water for Food: Western Australia’s Key Aims The Water for Food program is built around 14 diverse projects across the State. These projects previously initiated by the Department of Agriculture and Food WA have shown the value of intensified, localised investment and the downstream social and economic benefits to regional

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How to Save Water

Save Water, How to Start Today! Conserve water, every drop counts. Water is life, save water, save life. Use it, save it, enjoy it. Save water, save our planet… Most of these water saving quotes are seen almost everywhere. We hear these quotes on infomercials, on campaigns, and it also

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Why Drink More Water?

Sure, we all know that drinking 8 -10 8oz (250ml) glasses of water each day is good for our health. But there is a BIG difference between knowing, and actually DRINKING it. In these times when there are lots of great tasting, sugar-laced and addictive beverages around, we easily tend

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Bottled Water, You, and the Environment

Who wants to pay for something triple of its actual price value? Who wants to pay more for something you can actually get for free or for a very low price? Who wants to buy something that is harmful to the environment and also has negative effects on overall health?

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A Cleaner Environment for Stronger Australia

A nation’s cleanliness is a sure sign of its progress. A cleaner environment means a country is stronger and can take on more challenges and struggles. It displays leadership, discipline, system, and respect to one’s land if everyone, most especially the government, is eager and determined to keep its country

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