Filtered Water Cooler Advantages

Value H2O water cooler advantages are many. Our filtered office water coolers are guaranteed to save you big $$$ on your office water cooler costs – and that’s a proven fact!

More cost effective than bottled water or springwater and better for the environment.

Compare the current costs of bulk delivery bottled water and springwater consumption against Value H2O’s fixed cost system for office water cooler supplies and the Value H2O water cooler advantages are clear. Loads of businesses throughout Sydney, Wollongong, the Central Coast and beyond are benefiting from switching to our refillable office water coolers or plumbed in office water coolers, using their existing water supply to provide them with endless filtered fresh drinking water free of harmful impurities & contaminants.

Value H2O can save you up to 70% of the cost of bottled water cooler and springwater cooler supplies to keep you & your office healthy & hydrated – AND it never runs out! Learn more about our filtered office water cooler advantages.

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Value H2O Filtered Water Cooler Advantages

No orders to place, deliveries to wait for or bottled water to lift & store
Our fixed cost structure gives you massive savings over bottled water & spring water usage and remains the same every month
Unlike conventional water coolers, Value H2O office water coolers can be refilled as required or plumbed in directly into your existing water system
Our hi-tech carbon water filters remove harmful impurities like lead, chlorine and other contaminants but retain essential fluoride
Because our office water coolers use a refillable bottle reservoir or are directly mains-fed, our customers are saving the environment from pollution & energy resources used in mass bottle manufacture and are preventing tonnes of landfill waste generated annually from bottled water refuse
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Value H2O Filtered Water Cooler Advantages are Clear

  • Easy installation

    All our office water coolers are easily installed into most offices and working environments and do not require drainage

  • Fully serviced and sanitised

    We fully maintain all our office water coolers with regular servicing including filter replacement, sanitising and thermostat check

  • Quality you can trust

    All our office water coolers are made in Australia to the highest quality standards and use state of the art carbon filtration systems

  • Friendly and reliable service

    At Value H2O, we pride ourselves on providing fast, efficient and reliable service from all of our friendly staff – always

  • Customer support

    As a valued Value H2O customer, we offer ongoing customer support to ensure that all your needs are met and are always available to answer any questions that you might have, so you can concentrate on your business