Plumbed In Water Coolers

Plumbed In Water Coolers and Dispensers

  • Continuous water supply that never runs out
  • Cook/cold or hot/cold options
  • Ideal for heavy use environments
  • Large or small sized units available

Plumbed in water coolers and dispensers are also known as POU water coolers and dispensers or Point of Use water coolers and dispensers. Our experienced water cooler service technicians connect these POU water coolers directly to your main water supply. A hi-tech carbon filter system is used in our plumbed in water cooler units and dispensers just like in all our office water coolers and dispensers. The carbon filter system ensures that your water is filtered fresh and clean to retain the fluoride but remove chlorine, lead and other impurities.


Busy work areas or locations with heavy water use like factories and building sites are ideal environments for Value H2O plumbed in water coolers and dispensers. Because they connect to your main water supply, our plumbed in water coolers and dispensers can provide never ending cool, clear drinking water. There is no need to refill a plumbed in water cooler. Furthermore, unlike with conventional office water coolers and dispensers, they don’t require bottle replacement. In addition, all our plumbed in water coolers and dispensers are contemporary-styled units with easy to clean surfaces. The sleek, modern style makes these water coolers and dispensers equally suitable for any front office or showroom environment where first impressions count.


Plumbed in water coolers and dispensers are available in cook/cold* or hot/cold temperature combinations and are available in 2 size choices – depending on your usage requirements. An office of up to 12 people would find our small unit quite adequate; higher volume usage is better suited to a larger model.

All Value H2O water coolers and dispensers are provided with full service agreements. This means that all maintenance & servicing – including regular sanitising, filter changes and thermostat checks – is included.

* ‘cook’ is the term used for the temperature of regular tap water when referring to water coolers and dispensers

Dimensions: H 1040mm x W 310mm x D 310mm

Plumbed In Water Coolers (Standard - Cool & Cold)

Room temp/cold combination

Plumbed In Water Coolers (Standard)

Floor Standing

Plumbed In Water Coolers(Large - Hot & Cold)

*Hot & cold combinations available

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