Water Cooler FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Coolers

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about water coolers for the office in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and Wollongong.

Water cooler FAQs are most commonly about our refillable free standing office water coolers, our plumbed in office water coolers and how our hi-tech carbon water filters work.

If your question is not answered here or you have any type of query on water cooler FAQs, please contact us with your enquiry and we’ll be only too happy to provide you with the information that you require.

The hi-tech carbon water filter used in all Value H2O office water coolers enable you to utilise your existing tap water to provide you with an endless supply of pure, clean and freshly filtered water to drink without ever having to buy it by the bottle. Unlike with spring water and bottled water consumption, there’s no ordering, deliveries, storage or lifting required – AND it’s a lot more economical.

The hi-tech carbon water filters in our full range of office water coolers convert your existing tap water to filtered water by removing impurities such as chlorine, lead and other harmful contaminants that can be found in some municipal water and produce an endless supply of safe, clean and clear drinking water that still contains essential fluoride.

Yes, our carbon water filters in our office water coolers do require replacing approximately once or twice per year – depending on the usage your particular filtration unit receives and the quality of your tap water to begin with. Tap water quality can vary depending on your geographical location. Regular replacement of water filters in office water coolers ensures optimum filtration and the purest filtered water possible. Water filter replacement on all our office water coolers is done by our friendly experienced office water cooler technicians as part of the regular maintenance conducted within your rental agreement.

Water flow rates in our office water coolers will slow down as the carbon water filters do their job and trap sediment and contaminants from your tap water. Sediment in tap water varies between cities so the rate at which the sediment will build up on your water filters in your office water cooler will depend on the quality of your tap water to begin with.

Our refillable office water coolers use a refillable bottle and are fully portable so you can decide exactly where you’d like your office water cooler to be placed and you can move it if you need to. Our plumbed in office water coolers are mains-fed – that is, they are connected directly to your existing tap water source – so you never need to manually fill your unit to have a constant supply of freshly filtered water.

Our friendly staff can advise you on which version of our office water coolers would best suit your needs. Generally, it is dependent on the number of users wanting to enjoy the filtered water and where your existing tap water source is located.

All our office water coolers come with a choice of cook & cold or hot & cold combinations of temperature settings. ‘Cook’ is the term used for the temperature of regular tap water, whereas ‘cold’ is chilled to approximately 6-10 degrees – depending on your office water cooler’s settings.

Yes, all our Value H2O office water coolers are environmentally friendly. Not only are water filters the most effective way to provide you with cool, clean and pure drinking water, switching from bottled water is one of the fastest, easiest and most impactful steps you can take to help the planet. By utilising your existing tap water supply with a Value H2O office water cooler instead of constantly buying in spring water or water bottled in mass produced plastic bottles, you are saving the environment from pollution, depletion of fossil fuels and tonnes of landfill waste that can take hundreds of years to bio degrade.

Yes, all our office water coolers are proven money savers as you utilise your own tap water for your filtered drinking water needs instead of buying it in bottles. Using Value H2O carbon water filters on your existing tap water for your filtered water needs can save you up to 70% of the cost of the equivalent supply of spring water or conventional bottled water. Refer to our graph on the ‘Why Filtered Water’ page to see how much you can really save.

All rental contracts with Value H2O for any of our office water coolers include all necessary servicing by our experienced office water cooler technicians, replacement of the hi-tech carbon water filters, cleaning & sterilising of your unit, thermostat check & adjustment and all parts & labour.

Yes. All our office water coolers units are available with an optional cup holder which attaches to the side of the unit. We supply disposable drinking cups in boxes of 1000 cups for use with all our office water coolers. Delivery is quick and our cup prices are very reasonable – reduced when you purchase 2 boxes or more at a time. Contact us via the ‘Quick Enquiry’ form on the Home page to enquire further about our cup holders & cups.

Based in Sydney, we service & supply office water coolers to customers throughout the Sydney CBD & metro area in addition to a wide geographical area covering most of NSW. We service north to the Central Coast incorporating Newcastle, Gosford, Erina and surrounding districts, to Tweed Heads in the far north; south of Sydney to the Southern Tablelands of Bowral, Mittagong and Goulburn, extending all the way to Queanbeyan; the South Coast/Illawarra region of Wollongong, Kiama, Gerringong and Nowra; inland in the south to Wagga Wagga and Albury, and west of Sydney to the Blue Mountains, Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo.

In South East Queensland we have many happy clients with office water coolers throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast – stretching from Caloundra in the south through Maroochydore and up to Noosa and Gympie.

Value H2O office water coolers are suited to basically any business or commercial location where fresh filtered drinking water is required. Because our units can be refilled from your tap or plumbed in directly to your existing tap water supply, the advantage over conventional office water coolers or bottled water cooler systems is that our office water coolers never run. Value H2O office water coolers can be used in offices, waiting rooms, reception areas, foyers, staff rooms, pubs, clubs, child care facilities, sports centres, medical clinics, factories, storage facilities, despatch areas, exhibition centres, meeting rooms etc. Like our water, the list is endless!

All our office water coolers are made in Australia and wherever possible all parts & componentry is sourced from local suppliers.

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