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Free standing water filter system | Refillable water coolers

Refillable Water Coolers

  • Refillable straight from your tap
  • Cook/cold or hot/cold options
  • Childproof taps available
  • Portable and relocatable

Value H2O refillable water coolers are free standing water coolers with a refillable bottle reservoir. These refillable water coolers have a distinct advantage over spring water dispensers and conventional bottled water coolers in that there’s no need to change the bottle when the water runs low. Just refill the unit as required directly from your tap with the filling jug supplied for a continuous supply of pure, clear and filtered fresh drinking water. Filling jugs are available in your choice of 3 litre, 5 litre or 10 litre capacity.

Our refillable water coolers are stylish yet sturdy units and are equally suitable in reception areas or for back office and industrial environments to provide filtered office drinking water. Most models of our refillable water coolers are available with a choice of cook/cold* or hot/cold temperature combinations. When required, our refillable water coolers can be fitted with child proof taps to prevent accidental spills.

Refilling the bottle on our refillable water coolers is quick and easy and saves heavy lifting – and it’s  more hygienic – plus, our refillable office water coolers are fully portable water coolers so you can decide exactly where you’d like your office water cooler to be placed and you can move it if you need to. Refillable water coolers are also kinder to the environment. Instead of replacing bottle after bottle as in conventional water cooler system, our refillable water coolers use just one bottle and prevent tonnes of unnecessary landfill from water bottle refuse.

All Value H2O refillable water coolers are provided with full service agreements. This means that all maintenance & servicing – including regular sanitising, filter changes and thermostat checks – is included.

* ‘cook’ is the term used for the temperature of regular tap water when referring to water coolers

Dimensions: H 1340mm (including bottle) x W 310mm x D 310mm

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Refillable Water Coolers

Refillable Water Cooler

Refillable Water Coolers

Cook & cold combination

Refillable Water Coolers

*Hot & cold combinations available

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