Taste Test: Comparing Water Quality from Different Water Coolers

Office water cooler taste test


At Value H2o, we understand that access to clean, great-tasting water is essential in any office environment. High-quality office water dispensers not only promotes better health but also enhances productivity and overall well-being among employees. With various types of water coolers available on the market, it can be challenging to determine which one offers the best water quality.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive comparison of different water coolers by conducting a detailed taste test. We’ll evaluate bottled water coolers, mains-fed water dispenser and coolers, and countertop water coolers based on their taste, odor, clarity, and temperature. By doing so, we hope to guide you in selecting the ideal water cooler for your office needs.

Our methodology involves blind taste testing in a controlled environment, ensuring unbiased results. We selected popular models from each category and assembled a panel of office workers familiar with daily water consumption to participate in the test. The goal is to provide a clear and concise overview of how each type of cooler performs in terms of water quality.

Join us as we delve into the taste test results and offer recommendations on the best water coolers to keep your team hydrated and healthy throughout the day.

Water Quality Testing

Understanding Water Quality

Water quality is a critical factor in determining the best water cooler for your office. It encompasses various aspects including purity, taste, odor, and clarity, all of which contribute to the overall drinking water experience.


Pure, filtered water cooler that is free from contaminants such as bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals. These impurities can affect both the safety and taste of the water. High-quality water coolers are equipped with advanced filtration systems that remove these contaminants, ensuring that the water you drink is safe and clean. Filtration technologies may include carbon filters, UV purification, and reverse osmosis, each targeting different types of impurities.


The taste of water is influenced by its mineral content and the presence of any residual contaminants. Minerals like calcium and magnesium can impart a pleasant taste, while excess chlorine or metals can result in an off-putting flavor. A good water cooler should enhance the natural taste of water, making it more enjoyable to drink. This is particularly important in an office setting, where encouraging employees to stay hydrated can lead to better health and productivity.


Odorless water is a key indicator of its purity. Unpleasant smells can be caused by organic compounds, chlorine, or microbial contamination. Effective filtration in water coolers water filters should eliminate these odors, providing fresh-smelling water that is more appealing to drink.


Clear water is another sign of high quality. Turbidity, or cloudiness, can result from suspended particles, which not only affect the appearance of the water but can also harbor harmful microorganisms. A reliable water cooler dispenser will ensure that water is crystal clear, indicating that it is free from such particles.


While not directly related to purity, the temperature of the water can influence its taste and overall experience. Cold water is often more refreshing and can encourage increased water intake. Many water coolers offer adjustable temperature settings to provide the optimal drinking experience.

By understanding these factors, you can better assess the water quality provided by different water coolers. In the following sections, we will apply these criteria to evaluate bottled, mains-fed, and countertop water coolers through our taste test.

Types of Water Coolers

Water cooler types

Bottled & Refillable Water Coolers

These dispensers use large water bottles that are replaced when empty. Common brands include Value H2o, AquaPro and PureFlow.

Mains-Fed Water Coolers

These water dispensers are connected directly to the building’s water supply, ensuring a constant flow of filtered water. Examples are the Value H2o Plumbed-In Water Cooler.

Countertop Water Coolers

Compact and versatile, these coolers are ideal for smaller offices. They can be either bottled or mains-fed, like the Value H2o Benchtop Water Cooler.

Methodology of the Taste Test

For this taste test, we selected popular models from each category. The test was conducted in a controlled environment with blind tasting to ensure unbiased results. Each cooler was evaluated based on taste, odor, clarity, and temperature. Our panel consisted of office workers familiar with daily water consumption needs.

Bottled & Refillable Water Coolers: Taste Test Results

Value H2o Refillable Water Cooler

  • Taste: Crisp and refreshing
  • Odor: None
  • Clarity: Crystal clear
  • Temperature: Consistently cold

PureFlow Bottled Water Cooler

  • Taste: Smooth with a slight mineral hint
  • Odor: None
  • Clarity: Clear
  • Temperature: Cold but fluctuates slightly


Both models performed well, with Value H2o slightly ahead due to its consistent cold temperature and crisp taste.

Mains-Fed Water Coolers: Taste Test Results

Value H2o Plumbed-In Water Cooler

  • Taste: Pure and clean
  • Odor: None
  • Clarity: Crystal clear
  • Temperature: Optimal cold and hot settings

H2O Direct Mains-Fed Cooler

  • Taste: Fresh but slightly metallic
  • Odor: None
  • Clarity: Clear
  • Temperature: Cold with minor fluctuations


The Value H2o Plumbed-In Water Cooler stood out for its superior taste and reliable temperature control, making it the preferred choice for continuous chilled water supply.

Countertop Water Coolers: Taste Test Results

Value H2o Benchtop Water Cooler

  • Taste: Refreshing and pure
  • Odor: None
  • Clarity: Crystal clear
  • Temperature: Consistently cold

CompactCool Countertop Cooler

  • Taste: Clean but with a slight aftertaste
  • Odor: None
  • Clarity: Clear
  • Temperature: Cold but inconsistent

Comparison The Value H2o Benchtop Water Cooler was preferred for its consistent quality and refreshing taste, making it ideal for small office spaces.

Analysis and Recommendations

Overall, the Value H2o water coolers performed exceptionally well across all categories. The Plumbed-In and Benchtop models particularly stood out for their consistent water quality and taste. Key factors influencing taste include the quality of the filtration system and maintenance practices. For offices looking for a reliable water cooler, we recommend the Value H2o Plumbed-In Water Cooler for larger spaces and the Benchtop Water Cooler for smaller areas.


Choosing the right filtered water system for office and cooler is essential for ensuring high water quality in your office. Our taste test highlights the Value H20 models as top performers, providing pure, refreshing water consistently.

Explore our range of high-quality water coolers at Value H2o and find the perfect solution for your office. Experience the benefits of clean, great-tasting filtered water coolers and enhance your workplace environment today!

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