Symptoms to look for to indicate water pollution

Water pollution is often caused by poor sanitation levels of household and commercial spaces affecting not only local communities but water areas on a global scale. There is a definite cause and effect with large scale water pollution and a number of health concerns to consider. Modern civilisation relies heavily on governmental or privatised institutions that supply potable water but despite strict regulatory measures done to ensure safety, water pollution can still occur.

Here are a few tips on how to spot the emergence of water pollution in your area:

1. Discoloration
Any perceptible changes such as mild discoloration or sand-like splotches of your water supply other than the normal, clear, still look of your water should be investigated immediately. This might mean that your municipal/private filters might not be working as usual or that your water supply has been tarnished by deadly pollutants such as abrasives, poisonous solvents and other construction industry discharges from manufacturing facilities near your area.

2. Raised temperatures
Manufacturing or other industrial companies use water for cooling processes and unfortunately, some companies don’t adhere to ethical water waste management and return used water back to streams and rivers, causing a disrupt to the balance of oxygen levels in bodies of water, which can affect temperature.

3. Difference in Taste
Just like visible changes in your drinking water’s usual look, you should also monitor another common water quality problem such as difference in taste. Contaminated water due to exposure to corroded metal water pipes means that water has a low pH level, resulting in a gritty/metal taste in drinking water. To combat this, the use of water filtration units just prior to consumption is recommended. You could ask for a neutralising filter for your water pipes or have the council analyse/monitor your water supply.

There are a number of methods to know how your water supply is infected. The best way to remove all signs of pollution is to commit to monthly check ups from a genuine water dealer.


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