Tap Into the Healing Properties of Water

We often hear the phrase that “water is life” or “without water, there’s no life”. According to Sandra Ingerman, a marriage and family counselor, teacher, and author of Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins (Three Rivers Press; 2001), there is no life without water. She also adds that, “Our first relationship was with water, and typically water feels safe to most of us — for it was water that first held us in the womb.” Ingerman uses water images and sounds in her practice and has found that her students are able to experience water’s tranquil effects regardless of whether they are conscious of its nurturing qualities. “Most of us receive comfort from water,” Ingerman says. “Water stimulates the body’s natural ability to relax, and the only way a body can begin to heal is when it is in a relaxed state.”


Medicine for the earth
Medicine for the earth

In her book Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins, Ingerman recommends that you take a moment to relax and contemplate water. Find a quiet space inside your home or outside in nature. Start by breathing deeply to calm the “chatter” in your mind. When relaxed, picture yourself as water. This could be a drop of rain, an ocean, a river, a creek, a waterfall, even a teardrop. Imagine yourself merging with the water, then let it guide you. Reflect on this image of water until you feel relaxed and at peace. When finished, begin to gently move your hands and feet and slowly open your eyes.

No one can deny the benefits that water give us. Drinking it restores our body, it makes us feel refreshed. Bathing in it cleanses us, gives us warmth on chilly nights and refreshes us on hot days. The sound of the ocean, the tranquility and steady sounds of waterfalls, flowing lakes, and rivers revives our soul and refuel our heart and mind. if you need to clear your mind, ease tensed muscles or simply want to meditate and contemplate on things, be healed by the power of water. Here’s 3 hours of relaxing music, with added rain sound. Ideal peaceful background music for working, resting, studying, meditation, pampering, spa, massage, yoga, zen, or sleep.

Relaxing Music with Rain Sounds Meditation

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