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2102, 2016

Refillable Water Coolers: Better Than Bottled Water Coolers

Installing a water cooler in your home or workplace is a huge leap toward providing water that is safe and healthy to drink. But you can go one step further – you can choose a refillable water cooler instead of the traditional bottled water coolers, saving money and reducing your [...]

1402, 2016

Harmful Impurities Hiding In Your Unfiltered Tap Water

From collection, to treatment, to supply to your house or business, water can be exposed to contaminants. ‘Surface water’ – that which is collected from rivers and lakes – is potentially exposed to acid rain, industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals, and stormwater runoff. Groundwater – from wells or public supply – [...]

702, 2016

Filtering Tap Water to Remove Impurities

The water that comes out of our taps contains all manner of impurities which can cause bad odour and taste at best, or gastrointestinal diseases or even cancer at worst. As the water passes through the municipal supply and through kilometres of pipes it can be contaminated by pesticides, herbicides, [...]

2701, 2016

Four Key Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

We all know that drinking plenty of water is critical to maintaining good health. But not all water is created equally. When it comes to choosing between straight tap water, filtered tap water, and bottled water, drinking filtered tap water has some important benefits that means it comes out on [...]

111, 2015

How to Tell If You’re Drinking Enough Water

There are signs and symptoms for everything that is happening inside our body. Signs of good health or a failing one. Signs of illnesses, symptoms of diseases, and indications of good health. Here are signs to look out for and should make you rethink your drink and drinking habits: Dry [...]

2610, 2015

Cold Water and Its Effects: Myth VS Fact

We have heard it a couple of times, drinking ice cold water can do a lot of harm to your body. So we have decided to research this matter and finally gather the straight facts. It is believed, and reposted, and shared through social media, that drinking ice cold water [...]

2909, 2015

Spice Up Your Water: Make Infused Water Ice Cubes

Running late and heading out the door fast? Bought water fusion ingredients in bulk to save money, but they wilting so soon? No problem. Make water fusion ice cubes. Just make, freeze, and drop! Here’s Amy’s recipe from Fill an ice cube tray halfway with water. ice cube [...]

2209, 2015

Increase Productivity: Keep Employees Hydrated

Every workplace and every employer aims to increase productivity. Every employee also wants to have an energy boost and improve their output at work. Increasing productivity in the workplace need not be a complicated and huge project. Providing fresh and clean drinking water for your employees is the first step. [...]

1509, 2015

Tap Into the Healing Properties of Water

We often hear the phrase that “water is life” or “without water, there’s no life”. According to Sandra Ingerman, a marriage and family counselor, teacher, and author of Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins (Three Rivers Press; 2001), there is no life without water. She [...]

909, 2015

Water for Food Project : Research and Investigation

Water for Food: Western Australia’s Key Aims The Water for Food program is built around 14 diverse projects across the State. These projects previously initiated by the Department of Agriculture and Food WA have shown the value of intensified, localised investment and the downstream social and economic benefits to regional [...]