Why is Filtered Water Essential?

Drinking a lot of water is important to fight dehydration and body weakness, but making sure that the water you take in is clear and clean is just as significant. The water from the water sources we have contains chemicals that may harm the body and the environment when the water is untreated. The World Health Organisation says that more than 3.4 million people die from water-related diseases every year. Most waterborne diseases cause diarrhea; and 80% of diarrhea cases are linked to unsafe water. At present, we are equipped with different filtration systems to make sure the water we drink is safe for consumption. Regardless of the source, water must be subject to treatment to improve its quality before use and to ensure our safety.

Among the available water filters are:

Reverse Osmosis: Probably the most popular method at present, reverse osmosis makes sure that all dangerous contaminants and chemicals in the water are removed, but may come in a high cost. This process results in a clear and odour-free water.

Alkaline: This type of process is known as electrolysis. It uses electrically charged plates which water is passed over making it softer and containing lower acid content, which is good news for the skin.

Activated Carbon Filters: This basically helps remove big particles like sediment from water and reduces the presence of chlorine and other harmful contaminants, making water taste much better.

UV filters: Probably the newest technology in filtering water, UV filters use ultraviolet radiation to treat water and destroy bacteria. Moreso, it doesn’t need chemicals so it’s apparently environmental-friendly.

Distilled Water System: This is a reliable way to remove bacteria, viruses, and metal contaminants. This process boils and evaporates water away from the contaminants and minerals.

Many water borne contaminants such as chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, microbes and microorganisms are present in the water we get from variations of water sources daily, and each of them poses a harmful threat to our health and the environment.

Let’s work hard to fight water borne diseases by ensuring that the water we drink is always filtered. Let’s start now.

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