Why Fluoride Is Good For You

There is a lot of misinformation about fluoride. Some people maintain that fluoride in our water supply is dangerous. There is no scientific evidence to support these outrageous, incorrect, and downright dangerous claims.

On the contrary, all the scientific evidence supports the addition of fluoride to civic water supplies. Like adding folate to bread, calcium to milk, or iodine to salt, it is a completely safe way to increase the general population’s intake of these minerals for improved health outcomes.

Fluoride is present in water ways naturally, the addition is purely to increase it to a level that can improve the general health of our communities. Fluoride is the most efficient way to prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay is one of the most common childhood diseases but is easily combatted with good dental hygiene including exposure to fluoride.

The Australian Dental Association says: ‘Fluoridated water means fewer fillings, fewer extractions, and fewer visits to the dentist – resulting in healthier teeth, better smiles, and less pain and suffering.’

It is very important that we receive the fluoride in our water supply, and one of the best features of a carbon water filter is that fluoride is retained in the filtered water.

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