Why Carbon Water Filters?

Filtered water not only tastes better, it’s better for your health. Contaminants such as pesticides, sediment, bacteria, and heavy metals can all be found in both mains water and rain water. They can make water taste bad, smell bad, and – worst of all – can potentially be bad for your health.

There are a range of methods of water filtration, from reverse osmosis to UV sterilisation, but for the home or office tap or water cooler, carbon filters are often the best option. The carbon block in these water filters traps all of these harmful contaminants whilst letting the tiniest, healthy minerals through.

Reverse osmosis filters can remove beneficial minerals from your water, making the filtered water less healthy than a carbon filter would. Ion exchange filters will leave pesticides, sediment and chlorine in the water. Ceramic filters are slow and quickly clog up.

For the best operating filter which will take out all of the nasties whilst leaving the good stuff, carbon water filters are the way to go. These water filters will deliver the tastiest and healthiest water straight from the tap.

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