Top Quality Water For Your Skin

Drink WaterDrinking the right amount of water every single day is great for our skin and overall health.

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and we must hydrate with water in order to feed our skin. Value H2O Water is filtered and takes out the nasties like: chlorine, lead and other harmful impurities. Clean, clear and healthy filtered water -what more could you ask for?

Six ways water benefits your skin:

pH Balance

To maintain a healthy pH balance in your skin, drinking adequate levels of filtered water helps to flush out the toxins that build up in your body, keeping your skin glowing and free of blemishes.

Skin Elasticity

Drinking clean and fresh water may help with the elasticity in your skin, and may help your skin glow and feel softer, rather than feel tight and dry, which is great if you have lost some weight.

Your Overall Health

The appearance of glowing soft skin starts with the simple vow to keep your skin hydrated. By drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily, you will create a healthy habit and it will leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Slows Aging

As we age we get wrinkles. That is ok of course – it is only natural. Drinking enough water can help keep your skin feeling smooth and softer. Amazingly, drinking adequate levels of water has been shown to actually slow the aging process. Soft and hydrated skin can help reduce the signs of aging and even reduce wrinkles you already have.

The ‘Glow’

Drinking water increases the blood flow to the skin, making it look and feel healthier and giving it a ‘glow’. A study by the University of Missouri-Columbia revealed that increased blood flow to the skin can also even out skin tone and complexion.

Reduces Puffiness

Our skin can swell sometimes. Most often, this is because our body is retaining fluid. Why? This is because we are dehydrated and our body is protecting us. If we want to reduce puffiness, swelling and want to smooth out your skin, make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day.

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