The 4 Reasons You Need an Office Water Cooler and Dispenser This Summer

people having glass in their hands in front of office water coolerThe humble water cooler is an important fixture in your office.

We all know it is essential to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially in the heat of an Australian summer.

Value H2O Office Water Coolers and Dispensers are a popular way for offices to provide chilled, filtered and refreshing water for everyone in your office.

1. Feel Healthier

It is important that you keep on top of your daily water intake. Reaching the recommended daily intake of 2 Litres of filtered water* is much easier if an office water cooler and dispenser is close by.

Some of health benefits of being properly hydrated include:

boosting energy levels and brain function
regulating body temperature, and;
keeping your skin looking youthful and soft.

Plus, when we feel healthier, we are happier!

2. Productivity Improvements

A filtered office water cooler and dispenser is an opportunity for your staff to take an occasional break away from their desk.

Most studies indicate that a quick trip to the water cooler can improve morale, reduce stress and offer a chance to momentarily recharge their batteries.

This can put employees in a positive mindset, be more alert and motivated and productive.

3. Help The Environment

At Value H2O, we provide a number of water cooler optionsoffice water cooler that can remove the reliance on water bottles and help out the environment, including:

  • Refillable Water Coolers
  • Plumbed in Water Coolers
  • Benchtop Water Coolers 
  • Under Sink Water Systems
  • Water Bubblers and Drinking Fountains
  • Instant Hot Water and Boilers

It was estimated that approximately 373 million plastic water bottles end up as waste each year in Australia. Only 36% of those are recycled, but you can help to reduce that figure by having a filtered fresh water cooler in your office.

4. An Office Water Cooler and Dispenser Saves Money

An office water cooler and dispenser is one of the cheapest ways to enjoy fresh, filtered drinking water in the office.

All Value H2O office water coolers and dispensers are provided with full service agreements. This means that all maintenance & servicing – including regular sanitising, filter changes and thermostat checks – are included!

Sounds like a win-win all round, yes!!

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