Surprising Benefits of Having an Office Water Cooler and Dispenser

Recent studies have shown that offices with water coolers demonstrate some huge positives which offices without water coolers do not. The water cooler isn’t a place for people to just chat about their weekend and slack off from work – it’s actually increasing productivity and innovation.

  1. Healthier, more productive employees

With access to fresh, filtered water that tastes good and isn’t harmful, employees are inclined to substitute sugary drinks for water. This means they don’t get the sugar high and subsequent crash from the unhealthy food and drinks.

  1. Increased brain function

It has been proven that people who drink water at regular intervals have increased brain activity. Keeping your staff hydrated means that they can stay focussed and avoid that afternoon slump. It’s also super important for staff who talk on the phone often to increase water consumption to keep their mouth from drying out.

  1. Increased creativity and innovation

Talking amongst peers is critical for creativity and coming up with innovative ideas. Offices where people work independently in cubicles and on the computer find that the face-to-face conversation between colleagues is incredibly important for sounding out ideas and problem solving. The water cooler provides a venue for that interaction.

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