Refillable Water Coolers: Better Than Bottled Water Coolers

Installing a water cooler in your home or workplace is a huge leap toward providing water that is safe and healthy to drink. But you can go one step further – you can choose a refillable water cooler instead of the traditional bottled water coolers, saving money and reducing your impact on the environment.

They’re cheaper

The fixed cost of a ValueH20 refillable water cooler is $572 per year. That’s it. No more. Everything is included in that price. Bottled water coolers are roughly $200 for the unit itself, and then $9 per bottle. You only have to go through one and a half bottles of water per week (and most workplaces would do that in one day) before the refillable water cooler is way out in front in terms of value for money, and that’s even without all of the other benefits.

Easy refill

When you’re using a conventional bottled water cooler you’ve got to make sure you’ve got plenty of spare bottles at the ready for when you need to refill. That’s a huge amount of space you need to find in the office just to store water. With a refillable water cooler that storage is in the plumbing where water belongs. You simply refill the unit with water from your tap or, if your unit is a ‘plumbed in’ model, it is connected directly to your mains water supply already, so it constantly refills itself!

When you run out of water for your bottled water cooler you have to reorder and wait for the delivery of new bottles. Once again, with refillable water coolers there is an endless supply right out of your tap!

Work Place Safety

When you run out of water in your bottled water cooler, do you expect Doris on the reception desk to lift up a ten kilogram bottle of water, turn it upside down, and place it into the water cooler? Without putting her back out and spilling it all over herself?

Traditional bottled water coolers are terrible for work place safety, unless you’re a team of burley body builders. Our plumbed in water coolers eliminate all this effort and danger, and our refillable water coolers come with smaller refilling jugs – which you refill the larger cooler with – keeping everyone’s back healthy.

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