Increase Productivity: Keep Employees Hydrated

Every workplace and every employer aims to increase productivity. Every employee also wants to have an energy boost and improve their output at work. Increasing productivity in the workplace need not be a complicated and huge project. Providing fresh and clean drinking water for your employees is the first step. Drinking an adequate amount of water every day, and making sure you are hydrated can increase productivity and helps us function much better every single day.

Scientific evidence clearly shows how being well hydrated helps improve our memory, attention, and motor skills, so making sure everyone in the office gets enough water will help everyone perform better cognitively. Your body will definitely send you signals if you are already dehydrated, and these signals are ugly and you wouldn’t want them. They include fatigue, mood swings, constant feeling of hunger, back or joint aches, difficulty in urination, dark urine, headaches, and constipation.

What to DO

The best way to keep your people hydrated is to have a water cooler at work. Skip the bottled water – it’s expensive, no better than tap water, and the plastic is not good for the environment. Avoid coffee – it’s a diuretic. Sodas and fruit drinks are filled with sugar, which is not healthy. It is important to drink just water. 8-10 glasses of water everyday will give you the energy boost you need. Drinking water alleviates headaches, helps to optimise brain function, relieve stress and prevent headaches.

Refillable water coolers are one of the best options and are kinder to the environment. Instead of replacing bottle after bottle as in conventional water cooler systems, refillable water coolers use just one bottle and prevent tonnes of unnecessary landfill from water bottle refuse. Plumbed in water coolers are ideally suited for heavier use or busy environments and unlike conventional office water coolers and dispensers, they don’t require refilling or bottle replacement – ever!

No Water Bottle
No Water Bottle

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