How to Save Water

Save Water, How to Start Today!

Conserve water, every drop counts. Water is life, save water, save life. Use it, save it, enjoy it.

Save water, save our planet… Most of these water saving quotes are seen almost everywhere. We hear these quotes on infomercials, on campaigns, and it also one of the basic teachings in school. But if the campaign or drive to save water is really that popular, and needed, how come that over the last 10 years, our water supply has become so low? According to studies and research conducted, there are many parts of the world that are experiencing drought and have critically low water supply.

One of the steps we can easily take to reduce water supply problems is to conserve water. This idea is so simple. If we save water, and use water wisely at ALL times, more water will be available to us and to other living things in the planet. This is most important during times of drought. Here are a few simple ways you, your family, and your community can save water.

Water Conservation Begins at Home

Parents should not teach their children to save water. They should SHOW them how. They should be a role model, a good example. Have leaky faucets and pipes fixed right away. When you drink water, show them that your glass is only half-full, and when you are still thirsty, that’s the time you refill your glass. When brushing your teeth, or washing your face, use a glass and a basin. Use the tub rarely. Use “recycled water” in watering the plants, cleaning the car, or bathing the dog.

You can also install or use water saving devices like a low-flow shower, or a water saving flush in the toilet. Some appliances like washing machines and dishwashers have new features for saving water. You can also reuse leftover water from steamed or boiled food to make soups. Use less water, use the correct pot or pan size to avoid usage of more water than you are supposed to. If you accidentally dropped ice cubes, don’t throw them in the sink, place them in a potted plant or drop them in your lawn. Collect the water you use when washing fruits and vegetables, use them to water the plants. Remember, every drop counts.

There are a lot of ways to save water and it all starts with you.


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