How to Mindlessly Meet Your Daily Hydration Requirements

Our brain is the most powerful part of our body. It doesn’t want to be forced into doing something it doesn’t like, and it never likes to be stressed about what needs to be done. We all know how important drinking water is, but we still somehow find it hard to drink up and meet your daily hydration requirements. Here’s how to trick your brain into drinking the water you need.

Establish a “drinking routine”. Drinking a glass of water before and after each meal and snack is the perfect way to do this. For example, if you eat three meals and two snacks per day, you would be able to drink 10 glasses of water each day. Drinking requirement met. Plus, you would lose excess weight in the process.

Create a “chugging connection”. We may forget to drink water when we are busy, so we could link our drinking to what we frequently do. Drink every time you check your mail or your Facebook account. Drink each time you go to the copier machine, or drink while taking calls. Whatever it is that you frequently do, associate it with drinking water.

“Gamify” your drinking habits. Set goals and reward yourself each time you reach them. Already drank 8 glasses before your shift ends? Go grab an ice cream. Was able to complete a week of adequate drinking? Get a new app or shoes or cake! Missed two glasses yesterday? No sweets or junk food for you today! Compete with yourself and keep yourself engaged.

Sip your way to success. Anything just to make you drink or remember to drink is helpful. Use a straw, go get a cute straw, or a crazy straw, for that matter. Sipping from a straw doesn’t make you realise how much you’ve already been drinking. Next thing you know, you need to get another glass of water already. In the long run, you’ll get used to it and drinking your way to your daily requirements will be such a breeze.


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