How to Mindlessly Meet Your Daily Hydration Requirement

We are all well aware of the necessity to keep ourselves hydrated at all times – even if most of the time we miss to monitor our intake. We already know about the eight glasses a day general guideline and have heard of the formula to figure out exactly how much water we need based on our weight, but there are several reasons why we fail to manage this properly. Two of these reasons are: one, we are busy; and two, lack of commitment to the goal.

Here are five simple ways to help you seriously stick to that goal to meet your daily hydration requirement, without it taking too much effort:

1. Set a mobile reminder or alarm. Forget about downloading a mobile app to remind you to drink. Your mobile phone usually has an alarm or reminder function that you can use to keep yourself reminded. This way, you will not miss a time to drink.

2. Create goals and record progress. Nothing gets done seamlessly without sensible directions. Make sure you have your goals crystal clear and identify how much water you need to take in daily. By the end of the day, evaluate how well you did.

3. Invest in an attractive tumbler. Choose a fashionable tumbler that you can take to work, the park, the mall or anywhere else. By always having a water-filled tumbler at your side, you are reminded of your goal to meet your hydration requirement.

4. Make it a routine. Pair a glass of drinking water with every meal and everything else – such as watching your favorite TV show, drafting your business reports, preparing dinner, before brushing your teeth, and any other scenarios that would make you recall your drinking goals.

5. Always use a straw. Surprisingly, drinking water using a straw gets you a larger amount of water on your regular span of time in drinking. Still unconvinced? Try it for yourself!

Bold enough for the challenge? Doing these things is not only the key; dedicating your mind and time to achieve this is significantly necessary.

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