How Often Does A Water Filter Need to Be Changed?

Carbon water filters work by trapping impurities in the pores so that they don’t pass through into your glass. These filters need to be changed from time to time to remove the built up impurities, ensure optimum purity, and to improve flow rate. The frequency with which the filters need replacing will vary depending on two factors:


Water filters are purifying regular tap water from municipal supplies. Different public water supplies contain different contaminants. Your water filter will need to be replaced more frequently if your home or office is in a location where the water has a higher concentration of impurities.


If you have a busy office all drinking filtered water, your filter will need changing more often than if you’re a single occupant of a home. Higher usage will require more frequent changes as impurities will build up in the filter quicker.

Hi-tech carbon water filters will need replacing a minimum of once a year depending on the quality of the tap water and how heavily the filter is used.

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