How Do I Know If My Water Filter Needs Changing?

Hi-tech carbon water filters will need replacing once or twice a year, and this is often taken care of by the company with whom you have your water filter contract. But are there signs that your water filter needs changing sooner rather than later? Yes, there are.

Here are things to look out for:

  • The water has a bad odour
  • The taste is different, strange, or bad
  • There is a gradual decrease in flow rate (water pressure)

If the water smells or taste different or bad, this is an indication that the filter is losing its effectiveness. Impurities are making it through the filter, resulting in this change, and the filter needs replacing.

Decreased water pressure or the water coming out slower than usual indicates that the filter is full of contaminants. It is taking the water a longer time to get through the filter because it is full. Call your technician and get that filter changed! You’ll be back to clean, clear, tasty water in no time!

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