How Bottled Springwater Often Isn’t What It Claims To Be

Springwater conjures images of pure, pristine water bubbling out of a natural spring in the wilderness. But when you buy a bottle of the stuff, the truth is often very far removed from this ideal.

Depending on which study you read, researchers find that between 10 and 50% of bottled water is actually from the tap. Sometimes treated, sometimes not. When you buy that bottle of clear, natural ‘spring water’, you may be exposing yourself to harmful chemicals and microorganisms which the water company has not bothered to filter out.

Then there’s the 180 000% mark up. In Sydney, water from the tap (supplied by Sydney Water) costs $2.13 for 1000L, yet buying a bottle of water costs roughly $2.50 for 600mL.

Bad for the environment, potentially bad for your body – bottled water is not a sustainable nor healthy option. Installing a water filter ensures that you know where your water is coming from, that you know that it’s safe, and you’re saving money as well as the environment.

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