Environmental Benefits of Refillable Water Coolers

Refillable water coolers use a water filter to provide fresh, clean water to your home or office, filtered straight from the tap. There a multiple benefits to these types of coolers, from better OHS to being better for your health, but one of the major upsides to choosing this type of water cooler are that they are far more environmentally friendly than other water cooler options.

It is known that transport is a leading contributor to increased greenhouse gas emissions which are causing global warming. Bottled water coolers rely on delivery vans driving around all day delivering bottles of water to workplaces. Having a refillable water cooler in your office means you can fill it up yourself – no more waiting and no more contributing to unnecessary carbon emissions.

Bottles from bottled water coolers often end up in landfill, contributing to environmental destruction. Extracting water from the ground is damaging to that piece of land as well. Refillable water coolers use filtered water straight from the tap – no damage is caused in collecting the water, and no waste is created in the process.

Reduce, reuse and recycle – this is what we all can do to help the environment. There’s no easier way when it comes to water than with a clean and green refillable water cooler.

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