The Daily Water Challenge

Are you finding it difficult to meet your body’s required daily water intake? Would you like to reduce the amount of soft drinks you drink in a day and cleanse your system? Why not take on the Daily Water Challenge!

For the next couple of days, switch up your liquids to a more water-oriented hydration plan. Take on the challenge to reduce the amount of coffee, tea, soft drink, or any prepackaged fruit juices you drink and trade them all to clean, healthy water instead. The goal is to wean your body and taste buds off all other beverages and to energise your body with the benefits of better hydration.

Drinking water at the correct time maximises its effectiveness. To get you started, here’s what you need to know about drinking water before your day even starts:

Drinking 2 glasses of water after waking up and before eating breakfast helps energise the internal organs after a long night’s rest. It can also eliminate toxins making it easier to absorb nutrients from your first meal of the day. Hydrating first thing in the morning pumps up your organs, muscles and your brain giving you a much needed boost to keep you ready for the day ahead!

Hunger pangs in between meals (especially before lunch) can be annoying and unbearable! Curb the grumblings of your stomach by drinking water in between meal breaks – don’t let your body think it’s hungry when in fact it’s just thirsty.

Right before any meal, down a glass of water. This aids in digestion and can help you feel satiated faster – a great weight loss bonus!

Looking for variety in your water challenge? Try alternating with sparkling water or carbonated water! Studies have shown that sparkling water has quite a number of benefits over and above what you receive from tap water. It can help with constipation, dyspepsia, may lower your blood pressure and keep you full even longer than plain water.

In the afternoon, a glass or two of water will do, but since there may be different things going on during this time, it is best to still listen to how much your body needs to rehydrate.

By the time dinner comes along, you would’ve reached your 8th glass of water! Challenge for the day met! But remember to always listen to your body. When you’re thirsty, drink water.

Before taking a bath, 1 glass of water may help lower your blood pressure and may balance your lymph system as these glands help you perform your daily functions, equate your body fluids, and fight infection.

Lastly, before going to bed, 1 glass of water may help prevent stroke and heart attack while sleeping. Also for those who are trying to lose weight, this is the perfect time to make it happen! Drinking at least 450 mls of chilled water can boost your metabolism by 24% in the morning.

As you can see, there’s no downside to trying The Daily Water Challenge. If you are an avid soft drink or coffee drinker, try this challenge out and just after a week or two, you’ll start to notice the improvements in your mood, your physical appearance, and your health. Cheers!

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