Busting the Myths of Bottled Water

There are some commonly held beliefs suggesting that bottled water is the best option, but here’s a newsflash: It’s not all true. Here are some of the biggest bottled water myths busted:

  1. Bottled water is convenient and cheap to buy

Not compare to filtered water. Water from the tap costs around $2 per 1000L, depending on which city you live in. Bottled water costs around $2.50 for 600mL. And it doesn’t get more convenient than drinking water straight from the tap rather than having to buy bottles, stock your fridge, or run out to the corner store every time you need a drink.

  1. Bottled water is safer

Many drinkers of bottled water believe that the water is safer because they know where it has come from. This in itself is untrue, as it’s been proven that a lot of bottled water companies fill their bottles straight from the tap rather than from a spring, often without even treating it.

  1. Bottled water contains less chemicals.

The plastic bottles that water comes in are made of PET, a plastic which has been found to release harmful chemicals over time. If you bottle has been in transport or on the shelf for a long time, it can be dangerous to drink from. Drinking filtered water from your own glass is definitely a surer way to avoid exposure to chemicals.

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