Four Key Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

We all know that drinking plenty of water is critical to maintaining good health. But not all water is created equally. When it comes to choosing between straight tap water, filtered tap water, and bottled water, drinking filtered tap water has some important benefits that means it comes out on top as the best water to drink.

  1. Removal of bacteria and chemicals

Drinking water straight from the tap is fraught with risk. Whether that water comes from a well, the mains supply, or a water tank, you are at risk of ingesting many nasty chemicals or bacteria, including giardia, chlorine, and lead, not to mention many other nasties can be found lurking in the water. Water filters remove these impurities, protecting you from the diseases and conditions that they can cause.

  1. Without Removing Important Minerals

Water filters remove those nasty chemicals, but they leave in important minerals. Magnesium, fluoride, potassium, and calcium are all essential for our health, and your filtered tap water is a great source of these. The purified water in bottled water doesn’t have these additional benefits, therefore is not as good for your health as filtered tap water.

  1. Cost

Not only is bottled water not as good for your health, it’s expensive! If a 2 litre bottle of water costs $5 and as widely suggested you drink at least one of those per day, that’s a minimum of $1825 you’re spending on bottled water per year! Think of the money you save by being able to safely drink filtered water that has essentially come straight out of the tap.

  1. Convenience

Drinking tap water filtered from one of the many water filtration units available is an easy way to stay hydrated, with the added benefits of retaining important minerals. Far more convenient than lugging bottles of water around.

Being able to safely drink filtered water straight out of the tap, however, is even easier. Under bench filter systems enable you to do this – and if you have a system fitted which also provides instant hot water – no more waiting for the kettle to boil!

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