4 Tips to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Making sure you drink enough water is critical for your health and well-being, but sometimes it’s difficult to remember to keep sipping, or know how much is sufficient. Here’s some top tips to keep you hydrated.

  1. Keep a water bottle on your desk

Having a water bottle in front of you while you’re at work will remind you that you need to drink, and you’ll keep your fluids up as you sip away without even thinking about it. A sturdy, refillable water bottle is best, and it’s best if you can refill it from a water filter, rather than continually buying bottled water.

  1. Remember – water is the best liquid

Sports drinks were developed for marathon runners and Olympic athletes. Unless you’re running some crazy distances in sweltering heat, you really don’t need any specialty drinks. Just keep chugging your water and you’ll be as hydrated as necessary.

  1. Drink more before and after exercise

You lose fluid when you sweat, so when you exercise you need to make sure you compensate for the lost water. Drink more water leading up to your work out and keep up the fluid intake after as well.

  1. Alcohol dries you out

It’s certainly good weather for a cold one on the deck, but keep in mind that alcohol dehydrates you. Drink a glass or two of water with each alcoholic drink you consume, and the day after a night on the booze try to increase your water intake.

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