3 Benefits of a Plumbed-In Water Cooler

Water coolers are not all made equally. Here are the three top benefits of opting for a plumbed-in water cooler.

  1. Safety

Water coolers which are plumbed in with a filter are better for the health of you and your colleagues because nasty chemicals and microorganisms are filtered out of your drinking water. Also, it’s better ergonomically. Unless you’re a body builder, lifting full water bottles onto the cooler is difficult and dangerous. Choosing a plumbed-in option is safer for everyone’s backs.

  1. Convenience

So you’ve already got a water filter jug? How often have you gone to fridge and found that the last person has forgotten to top it up with water, and then you’re left standing there waiting for it to filter? Or there’s no big bottles for your office water cooler and dispenser left, and the delivery man can’t make it with fresh bottles until Friday? Exactly. A plumbed-in water cooler means that there is a permanent supply of drinking water at the ready.

  1. Cost

Plumbed-in water coolers are paid for in one installation fee, there’s no ongoing costs buying water or getting water delivered, you’re just drawing water straight out of the mains supply. That one off installation fee pays for itself in just a few short weeks.

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