1505, 2016

Surprising Benefits of Having an Office Water Cooler

Recent studies have shown that offices with water coolers demonstrate some huge positives which offices without water coolers do not. The water cooler isn’t a place for people to just chat about their weekend and slack off from work – it’s actually increasing productivity and innovation. Healthier, more productive employees [...]

805, 2016

How Do I Know If My Water Filter Needs Changing?

Hi-tech carbon water filters will need replacing once or twice a year, and this is often taken care of by the company with whom you have your water filter contract. But are there signs that your water filter needs changing sooner rather than later? Yes, there are. Here are things [...]

105, 2016

How Often Does A Water Filter Need to Be Changed?

Carbon water filters work by trapping impurities in the pores so that they don’t pass through into your glass. These filters need to be changed from time to time to remove the built up impurities, ensure optimum purity, and to improve flow rate. The frequency with which the filters need [...]

2404, 2016

3 Environmental Benefits of Avoiding Bottled Water

Bottled water may be the quick and convenient option for you, but have you thought about the impact it’s having on the environment? Avoiding bottled water can reduce your carbon footprint and reduce water consumption and landfill. Here are three environmental benefits of avoiding bottled water: Reduced Landfill Water bottles, [...]

1004, 2016

What Healthy Minerals Are In My Filtered Water?

Carbon water filters extract bacteria, organic matter, and heavy chemicals out of the water before delivering clean, safe drinking water into your glass, leaving the good, healthy minerals in. What are these healthy minerals and why is it good to have them in your water? Fluoride Fluoride is essential strong, [...]

304, 2016

Why Fluoride Is Good For You

There is a lot of misinformation about fluoride. Some people maintain that fluoride in our water supply is dangerous. There is no scientific evidence to support these outrageous, incorrect, and downright dangerous claims. On the contrary, all the scientific evidence supports the addition of fluoride to civic water supplies. Like [...]

2703, 2016

3 Benefits of a Plumbed-In Water Cooler

Water coolers are not all made equally. Here are the three top benefits of opting for a plumbed-in water cooler. Safety Water coolers which are plumbed in with a filter are better for the health of you and your colleagues because nasty chemicals and microorganisms are filtered out of your [...]

2003, 2016

Busting the Myths of Bottled Water

There are some commonly held beliefs suggesting that bottled water is the best option, but here’s a newsflash: It’s not all true. Here are some of the biggest bottled water myths busted: Bottled water is convenient and cheap to buy Not compare to filtered water. Water from the tap costs [...]

1303, 2016

How Bottled Springwater Often Isn’t What It Claims To Be

Springwater conjures images of pure, pristine water bubbling out of a natural spring in the wilderness. But when you buy a bottle of the stuff, the truth is often very far removed from this ideal. Depending on which study you read, researchers find that between 10 and 50% of bottled [...]

603, 2016

Environmental Benefits of Refillable Water Coolers

Refillable water coolers use a water filter to provide fresh, clean water to your home or office, filtered straight from the tap. There a multiple benefits to these types of coolers, from better OHS to being better for your health, but one of the major upsides to choosing this type [...]